Women and the Diet Fad Dilemma

Alright, ladies, this post is just for you. I know I have not written in a long time, but I recently found inspiration in the fact that diets are never made sex-specifically. Now, some of you may be thinking, "what are you saying, aren't you a feminist?"... well, yes I am pro-female, all the way...... Continue Reading →

Motivation.. or lack thereof.

I have gotten asked many times, by acquaintances, patients, or family, what motivates me to exercise and eat healthy... well, in all honesty, sometimes nothing. Now, most of the time, what motivates me is the fact that we are only given one body and also how much better I feel when I do what is... Continue Reading →

One. Day. Left.

Hello, sweet friends, Once again... I have been on quite the hiatus. But, I'm here to deliver good news: one day left and my hiatus will be no more! My National Physical Therapy Exam ("boards", "licensure exam", whatever you want to call it) is tomorrow and my lack of a social life and physical activity... Continue Reading →

Study Tips From a Lifelong Student

With my boards licensure exam around the corner, I am forcing myself to attempt to study 3 hours daily, which usually ends up being 2 hours 5 days/week. With motivation lacking, working 25 hours per week, and still trying to be active and social I found that I, myself, needed to re-evaluate my own study tips.... Continue Reading →


In honor of National Best Friends Day yesterday, I want to take a minute to thank those that I consider my friends. Thank them for being there to celebrate, to have that bottle of wine with and also to pick me up when I'm down, to wipe the tears from my eyes, play with my hair,... Continue Reading →

The Season of Cheating

Now that Memorial Day has passed, it is the season of cook-outs, parties, and weddings... which means excessive opportunities to fall off the "everything in moderation"-lifestyle-wagon. Like I have stated repeatedly in previous posts, it is okay to eat that slice of pizza or that scoop of chocolate fudge brownie ice cream (can you tell... Continue Reading →

Back Day

This is definitely stereotyping and an over-exaggeration but I have found, through my own experience, that back exercises tend to be lacking in the female population. I used to be guilty of this, I don't deny that, but now? Back day is my second favorite day... after legs and glutes of course. But it is... Continue Reading →

Changes and Growth

So, sweet friends, sorry for being MIA as of recent but I got very caught up with my "wrap-up week" at school and review for my boards exam AND ... GRADUATION DAY. Yes, people after 3 years of undergraduate education in exercise science and 2 years of didactic graduate education and 1 year of clinical... Continue Reading →

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