EOTW: Donkey Kicks

Exercise of the Week coming at you every Sunday on the blog! 

This week’s video I’ll explain the deal on the “exercise of the week”, how it’s going to work, and why it’s important.

This week’s exercise is donkey kicks which I see a lot of people, especially young girls, at the gym doing very wrong.

The goal is: back straight (don’t arch it or round it out) keeping your tummy nice and tight, your trunk and upper body should stay pretty still, the only thing moving is your leg. Tighten your glutes as you lift the leg up, keep the knee bent and your foot flexed. Perform nice and slow and controlled, going faster is not going to make your muscles stronger. Your leg does not need to go high, parallel to your trunk is sufficient.

Once you have the proper form you can begin to add weight with ankle weights, resistance bands, or sticking a dumbbell right between your knee! Get a booty pump and enjoy!

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