Whole 30: Diet fad success or flop?

Sweet friends,

Something that everyone is talking about right now is “Whole 30”. It’s a book that basically tells you what you can and can not eat. And everyone is raving that it works. This is a “diet fad” that I’m not against because it emphasizes eating, you guessed it, whole foods. HOWEVER, I want everyone to keep in mind that you don’t need to buy a brand new book and pay into a “fad” that is telling us nothing new. Whole, fresh, nonprocessed foods are good for you. If you go from eating processed carbohydrates and snacks to eating more produce, more unprocessed protein, and less processed sugars YOU’RE OBVIOUSLY GOING TO SEE A POSITIVE CHANGE IN YOURSELF.
Now the Whole 30 is essentially a more restrictive paleo diet: so no dairy, grains, legumes, alcohol, sugars such as sweeteners (natural and unnatural), etc. You’re limited to meat, nuts, seeds, eggs, vegetables, fruits (which are sugars, but they’re good sugars – DON’T BE SCARED OF UNPROCESSED SUGARS). This is very extreme and I know that if I did this, I’d do it, lose weight, then as soon as I’m done, I would binge on “noncompliant” foods…. and probably soon end up back where I started. So there are definitely positives and negatives to this “fad”.

If you find you need a precise and restrictive diet plan to keep you accountable, then do it. But don’t feel that you are required to give into these fads to see results. Set a realistic, long term goal that you can remain consistent with, find what works for you to keep you accountable, and do it!

In conclusion, this fad can be a success or a flop. It all depends on you!

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