EOTW: Deadlifts

Exercise of the week: DEADLIFTS!

Sweet friends, there are many variations of deadlifts out there but I have compiled a few standards that will be especially important for any beginners to strength training.

A deadlift is a compound movement, meaning it requires multiple muscles, unlike say a leg extension machine that is only stressing your quadriceps (the group of muscles on the front of your thigh). The “standard” deadlift that I demonstrate is actually a Romanian deadlift (RDL). Generally, a standard deadlift utilizes first the upper body and then the lower body. I like RDLs because they really focus on the hamstrings, glutes, and also your back. They start with your knees unlocked, so slightly bent, chest is wide and shoulders are back, then you engage your hamstrings, glutes, and low back to pull the weight up and straighten your trunk and hips.

These are your hamstrings, which is a group of 3 muscles on the posterior, or back, of you thigh:


I also demo some sumo deadlifts, cable deadlifts, and single leg deadlifts (which I still struggle with as you’ll see).

When using a barbell or smith machine, you can utilize either an overhand grip, as in your palms facing down (which is what I typically do) or with one over and one under. See what’s most comfortable for you and your grip.

Here’s a good picture of proper form for RDLs and single leg deadlifts:

Romanian Deadlift


Sumo deadlift:



Now that you’ve been educated a little bit go ahead and watch these moves in action:

Have a good Sunday Funday!


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