“But it’s ‘diet’ and I have abs, so I’m healthy.”

The “Diet” and “No Sugar” Myth

I didn’t think this was something that needed to be discussed but after listening to something on the radio this morning, I felt it was completely necessary.

On the radio today, a woman was not getting back to a guy after a first date because he brought 2 bottles of Diet Dr. Pepper to the restaurant for himself… Come to find out he drinks 7 two liter bottles of Diet Dr. Pepper per day (2 liter bottles are the big bottles made for a party or family of 4 to last a week). SEVEN PER DAY. And he has having cardiac problems: irregular heart beats, chest pain, etc. etc. However, he states that there is absolutely no correlation between the soda and his heart problems because it’s “diet” and he “has abs” and therefore he’s “healthy”… I’m going to be basic right now and just say: I can’t even.

Number 1: I want to know how much money this man could save up per month if he didn’t buy so much soda.

Number 2: Abs and diet anything does not equal healthy.

Everything you buy that says “diet” or “no fat” or “no sugar” likely has been processed to include artificial sugars and chemicals. Your body reacts to most of these artificial sugars just as it would with cane sugar. Your blood sugar increases, which increases your risk of developing type II diabetes, and also causes damage and inflammation to the walls of your arteries (the blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood to your body from your heart). When the walls of your arteries are damaged, it can lead to arthrosclerosis, or in layman’s terms blockages and clots, which leads to poor circulation and heart conditions, such as congestive heart failure and myocardial infarctions (a heart attack).

Another example: had a patient who was obese and having urinary incontinence. She also liked to drink a lot of Diet Dr. Pepper, 2 two liter bottles per day. Firstly, she has urinary incontinence and diet soda has almost every big bladder irritant out there… artificial sugar, caffeine, and carbonation. Throw some rum in there and you actually have every major bladder irritant that exists (leading to increased frequency, urgency, and leakage). But, secondly, no doctor had ever told her that diet soda was not healthy. Learning all of this, she stopped drinking it, mostly, drinking only a couple of glasses per week. She lost 20 lbs and stopped leaking… HELLO PEOPLE! Artificial sugars and processed chemicals are NOT healthy for you despite many of these products having minimal to no calories. Whole, nutrient-dense foods and WATER are your best options. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do have a diet soda or “no sugar added” product every once in a while because I like them, but it’s not frequent and it’s not a lot at once. Read the nutrition labels for what you’re intaking, look at the ingredients. Chances are if you can’t pronounce it, it isn’t too great for you. Remember, friends, MODERATION and NATURAL is the way to go.



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