Back Day

This is definitely stereotyping and an over-exaggeration but I have found, through my
ccd5733c3273940c77e34c62879296f7own experience, that back exercises tend to be lacking in the female population. I used to be guilty of this, I don’t deny that, but now? Back day is my second favorite day… after legs and glutes of course. But it is so, so, SO important for females regarding posture,
especially for those that are well-endowed in the chest area, if you know what I mean. Working your back and strengthening those postural muscles that help pull your shoulders back and down will help to support your chest, decrease upper back and neck pain, and prevent any kyphosis (hunchback) as you age. And to be honest, I think a strong back is super sexy.

So, I have put together a compilation of some of my favorites for back day. Take a look, try them out, and don’t be afraid to have a strong back. It’s good for you πŸ™‚

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