Flexible Dieting

I don’t like the word dieting in this phrase but it gets the job done. Flexible dieting is all about eating healthy most of the time, eating “clean” you may say, but not restricting yourself of things you want.

  • If I’m really craving a burger, guess what? I’ll eat a burger, because if I don’t? I’m going to think about that burger for days until I’m miserable and then when it’s finally in front of me? I’ll inhale it, I’ll binge, I’ll feel sick and guilty. SO, when I get that craving, I have a little bit, kick that craving in the butt, and move on with my life.
  • Now when I say “clean” I don’t mean you need to eat all organic, raw food with no fat and no sugar. I mean, you’re avoiding processed foods. Think, chicken, steak, veggies, fruit, WHOLE foods. Most of the time, I eat like this, because I feel better when I do.
  • However, the one processed thing I eat A LOT of is protein powder and protein bars. But when you do this, check the labels. Is there high fructose corn syrup? Is there way too many carbs vs proteins? My fave brand of powder is pescience. It incorporates well into my baked goods (waffles, donuts, bars, etc. some more of these recipes will be heading your way soon) and it has very low sugars (
  • Check the macros on your “protein” bars you’re eating. You’ll be surprised at how many of these fitness and “health” bars have many more carbs than protein.
  • Example: Clif bars… typically 45g carbs to only 10g protein. Now this is great if you need quick energy or after a really strenuous workout (think hiking or sprinting) but for a snack during the day? It just doesn’t fit well into MY macros. But like I’ve said before, find what works for you.
  • All and all, flexible “dieting” should really be called flexible eating because it’s a lifestyle. It shouldn’t be a diet. Diets are short lived and feel restrictive, like a punishment. I love food and I’m going to love food for the rest of my life. And this is why flexible eating works so well for me.

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