What are “Macros”?

Well… here’s the basic run-down

  • These are your carbs, fats, and proteins.
  • I do not count calories anymore, though I used to, what I’m more concerned about these days are these so-called macros or “macronutritients”
    • vs. micronutrients which are your vitamins and minerals
  • Calories per gram of macro
    • Protein 4cal/g
    • Carbs 4 cal/g
    • Fat 9cal/g
  • My days vary from high protein with high fat & low carb to high protein with high carb & low fat. It depends on my week, how I feel, and what I’m doing for activity that day.
  • If I need a lot of energy for plyometrics or heavy lifting, I will have more carbs for “quick energy” (think of this as your “sugar rush”).
  • Typically, on a daily basis, to gain muscle while still losing fat, I aim for approximately 156g carbs, 117g protein, and 52g fat. But like I said, some days I’ll have more carbs and less fat, or more fat and less carbs. And I don’t go crazy trying to hit these marks either. I have a pretty good idea of what’s in my food that I rarely actually track my macros/food. For a beginner though a food tracker like the My Fitness Pal may be a good idea, until you know what foods are high in which macros and how much is in a serving.
  • Your macro goals will be based on your age, gender, weight, height, activity levels, and goals. You can calculate your macro goals at https://jenheward.com/macro-calculator/
  • Keep in mind I do NOT track my macros everyday, I do eat things like chips and bread and cookies regularly, and I especially don’t track on the weekends. It’s all moderation. That is the key. If you restrict yourself, you’re depriving your mind and your body and will likely either binge when you have access to said “restrictions” OR your body will react very poorly because it won’t be used to it (think bloating, indigestion, fatigue, severe swelling and water retention).

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