At-home Workouts

Lower abdominal workout for at home or the gym

I’m using a 10 lb weight but you can use something lighter, even like a can or bottle of water… or don’t need to use any!
This is 4 exercises, 10 reps (or 10 sec hold) of each exercise, for 4 sets, resting 1 min between each set.

This video is sped up, be sure each movement is slow and controlled. Also begin each exercise with tightening your deep abdominals, squeeze and pull your belly button in as if putting on a tight pair of pants. This will activate your transverse abdominis which wraps around like a corset and ensure your getting good core strengthening (this is a great muscle to work out when you have back pain)

Leg Circuit

Hello, sweet friends! Didn’t get a chance to get to the gym today so did a quick leg workout at home with my yoga mat, 25 lb weights, and a step (you could sub for stairs).  I did 3 separate circuits; Each circuit consisted of 4 sets of 3-4 exercises.  Maybe it can give you some ideas for your at-home workout!

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